OEM Replacement Parts

Precision PMD can replace your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) parts and can act as your parts procurement arm for your catalogued parts.

Whether you have a machine that is no longer being supported by the manufacturer, or you feel you are paying too much for those consumables, give a call.

Our design department can also improve part design to allow for longer life and more uptime for you machinery.

Paying too much for OEM parts?
Is it taking too long to get the parts you need?
Can’t get the parts you need to keep your machine running?
Have a problem part that you know would work better if were designed better?

Save up to 60% on your OEM Replacement Parts and get them in half the time.

“We received pricing for some guide rails from the OEM of our filler, they  wanted $851.00 per rail and wanted 30 days to make the parts.  Precision  PMD made them for me for $529.00 per rail and I had them in less  than a week.”
          – Ted S., Pennsylvania

“We needed a connector for our 2 head filler, the OEM wanted $195.00 and 7  days, Precision PMD was able to make the part for $115.00 and I had  my part in 3 days.”
          – Alan J., Indiana

“We buy everything from Precision PMD – our electrical controls,  pneumatics, fittings, gearboxes, motors.  I don’t know how they do it but I  can buy most of my parts for less money than my local suppliers and I get to  deal with one source.”
         –Jesse D., California