Roto-Fill 2000

Precision PMD Dual Lane Roto-Fill 2000 x 3 – IQF Products per lane

The Precision PMD Roto-Fill 2000  is capable of dispensing  IQF, Dry and other free flowing products at rates upwards of 120 packages per minute.  This filler  is compact and uses less line space than an average person, yet delivers accurate, repetitive fills that you can count on.

Built of Stainless Steel and Food Grade Plastics, the Roll 2000 is suited for any environment.  Wash this system down where it stands.  All components are corrosion resistant and manufactured to stringent standards.  All food contact parts are removable from the filler by hand.


  • .
  • 100% stainless steel and food grade plastic
  • Up to 120 deposits per minute
  • Less than 2 ft. of line space required
  • Can be mounted on most packaging systems
  • Servo or mechanically drive
  • Typical payback is less than 6 months

Products include:

IQF Products include but are not limited to: fruit, vegetables, rice, pasta, diced beef & chicken, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, shrimp.

Dry Products include but are not limited to: dehydrated fruits & vegetables, dry pastas & rice, nuts, oatmeal, cereal, snack foods, and candy.

Since we can’t possibly test all possible products, send us your product for testing on the Roto Fill 2000.

Volumetric Fillers

Precision PMD  Roto-Fill 2000 Brochure – click image to open/download the pdf