PT Series Denesters

Precision PMD Dual Lane Servo Driven Paperboard Tray Denester

Precision PMD’s paperboard container denesters are utilized to denest a wide range of formed paperboard containers onto your  existing or a new Precision PMD conveying system.  The denester is mechanically driven from the lineshaft of the conveyor.  This denester is also available in an optional servo driven model.  From small 3 x 3 paperboard trays up to 10 x 12 paperboard trays, this denester has the flexibility to run them all (sizes not limited to those described).  The denester has been designed for use over single and multiple lanes and is also capable of running  intermittent motion or continuous motion.  From speeds ranging from 0 to 160cpm, Precision PMD has a solution for your paperboard tray denesting needs.