Company Profile

It sounds simple, but it’s not.

Company Objective: Design and manufacture machinery for today’s packaging companies that is built to the highest standards;  use top quality components, be a leader with solid GMP, and deliver it on time and for less money than other OEM’s.

When Precision PMD was started by Joseph Lukes and Daniel Auvil, they recognized that the packaging machinery industry was missing something;  Affordable machines that were designed and built to work 24/7 in dry and washdown environments.  Today, our machines can be found in facilities packing dry foods, frozen foods, raw meat, fresh salads, dairies, and many more.

Today, Precision PMD  manufactures a complete line of Denesters, Conveyors, Fillers, Sealing Systems and Lid Applicators for some of the largest Food Packaging Companies in the world.

Our Mission is what we hang our hat on.

“Precision PMD, LLC’s mission is to design and manufacture reliable yet affordable machines for the packaging industry.

The impact on your bottom line is not only affected by the purchase price of the machinery, but the up-time and life-span of the machinery itself.”