Container Sealing

Precision PMD designs and manufactures film membrane sealing systems for pre-formed rigid and semi-rigid containers. Precision PMD sealers can seal paperboard and plastic trays and cups. Our machines are designed to fit your specific application needs for today with the ability for growth in the future. Whether you are looking for lower volume machines that are intermittent, or higher volume machines which are continuous, Precision PMD has the solution for you.

Container Sealer

Precision PMD Dual Lane Canister Packaging System (80CPM)

Since the majority of our sealers are used in the food industry, all of our frames are constructed of tubular stainless steel, any aluminum is hardcoat anodized, and all plastics are food grade. Exceptional GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) are a key element of any of our machines.

All three sealing parameters, dwell or contact time, temperature and pressure are adjustable so that different materials with varying sealing requirements can run on any Precision PMD machine.

Precision PMD sealing systems have the ability to cut the film simply between the containers or can die-cut (perimeter cut) the film around the container.

Optional features commonly found on Precision PMD container sealers include film registration (orienting a printed film to line up with the container) and nitrogen flushing.


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